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Introduction to China Container Industry Association

  China Container Industry Association (CCIA), located in Beijing and established in 1993 with the approval from the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, is a nationwide social organization with legal person qualification.

  To deal with the related affairs both at home and abroad on behalf of the interests of containers industry;
  To organize information and technical exchanges on the development of container industry;
  To organize and formulate the industrial standards and regulations and technical rules;
  To provide reference, suggestions and proposals for the governmental departments concerned when making polices.

  CCIA adopts the system of both organizational membership and individual membership. At present, CCIA has 88 members including some international famous groups such as China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO), the largest container manufactures in the world such as China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. (CIMC) and the authority organization for certification and management of freight containers in China such as China Classification Society (CCS) as well as numbers of enterprises and entities of container manufactures, suppliers of material and components, research institutes, inspection bodies, repairing works and administration departments and etc. Among those above more than 95% of the members are container manufactures and suppliers of material and components.

  China’s container manufacturing industry is now playing an important role in the international trade and continues to hold the position of first-place in the field of manufacturing and selling containers for 13 years in succession, occupying more than 95% in the international container markets. In 2005, 2,048,000 Units were exported, earning 5.9 billion US dollars.

  In recent years, novel types of containers have been developed rapidly, which includes more than 300 types of three series such as: ISO standard general purpose containers, special purpose containers and Non-ISO standard containers, and other series of products like semi-trailers and etc. The above –mentioned products are in possession of numbers of intellectual property and are also able to meet the all kinds of needs for transportation of general and special cargoes.

  CCIA always adheres to the principles of “opening, fairness and impartiality” and is of being practical-minded and bringing forth new ideas for carrying out its service activities. On behalf of the interests of the enterprises and its members and according to the demands from them and the market, CCIA, submits to the governmental departments concerned the proposals from the enterprises and the suggestions from its members; provide references for the governmental departments concerned when making national enterprises policies; assist its members to solve trade disputes; organize and formulate industrial standards, up to date, 14 industrial standards such as: JH/T C01-2000 <corner fittings for freight containers> and etc.; joined in the work of drafting of GB standards and the international standardization, including the drafting in cooperation with scientific and research institutes and enterprises of GB/T 5338-2002 <Series 1 Freight Containers – Technical Specification and Testing Procedures Part 1: General Purpose Containers> and <Series 1 Freight Container Corner fittings> and etc.; cooperated with China Customs to formulate the standards of HDB/002-1999 and HBD/JT002-2004 <Specification of Per Container Consumables of Production of Dry Cargo Containers> and HDB/JT-2000 <Specification of Per Container Consumables of Production of Refrigerated Containers>, all of which have been promulgated; provide the latest professional information for the relevant entities and governmental organizations, playing the role as a bridge and a link between the government and enterprises. Thus, CCIA has won full confidence from the members and high appraisal from the Government and has been awarded the title of "All-China Advanced Industry Association”.

  Following the full implementation in 2005 of China’s promise for entry into WTO, the future of the international trade and cooperation of China is increasingly broad and the role of the industrial associations in China shall not be neglected. The Chinese industrial associations will surely play a more and more important part in the economic development in China and the whole world especially in the international trade.

  CCIA shall continue to follow the objectives: “service, practice, innovation, efficiency”, protect the rights and interests of the members, undertake the duties of administration and self-discipline of the industrial associations and international cooperation, information-guide and exchange and safeguard the interests of the industrial associations. CCIA is trying its best to act as the “Home” for its members and also as the bridge and links between the government and the enterprises. Let’s step forward hands in hands, insist on the principles of scientific development and make contributions to the development and the glory of worldwide container industry.

  CCIA has rich experiences in the consulting services and is capable of providing the following services of supply of information, technology, manufacture, sales, evaluation of qualification, analysis of feasibility, statistics and etc.

  CCIA will do its best to provide super service for all of the enterprises and individual client both at home and abroad.

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